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by borja ballbe: New Romantics

by borja ballbe: New Romantics:
Estilismo: Anabel Gutierrez
Modelo: Cesca Vacca Pey
Fotos: Borja Ballbé

Libritos Wais [Part II]

Lonely Boy Mag. (No. A-2: Boys and Their Cars)

Name of artists: Todd Hido, Alec Soth, Chad States and erotic dioramas by Peter Davidson.
Design: Jenny Tondera
Editor: Alec Soth
Series name: Lonely Boy Mag



In echoes of the videos made in 2011 for the Lille's show of WE//ARE//ANIMAL band, this booklet voluntarily take the form of a tumblr or a blog in print. On the basis of the french definition of word "lieu" ("place") it ask the question of the existence of other places and paths unknown.

36 pages — black print  gray paper
13,8 x 18,5 cm — in a blister
50 numbered copies
4 €

Viola Korosi & Yoann Hagnéré

 P.S: Un an après
Hand sewn binding and completely hand made, stamped cardbord hardcover with a clothbound edge
72 pages
size: 16 x 20 cm (6.3 inch x 7.9 inch)
20 copies, hand numbered, 5 of which come with an original signed photo
type of printing : digital printing on 150g Munken paper
price: 24 euros + shipping

"This book is the second of our on going project since 2009. Once a year during a month we take one photo a day at a precise hour wherever we happen to be." 

Niall O'Brien
Good Rats
64 Pages
6" x 9"
Edition of 200 (Signed & Numbered)

"Pau Wau Publications is pleased to present Good Rats, published in conjunction with Niall O'Brien's exhibition of the same name at No. 10 Gallery in NYC. Since 2006 O’Brien has been documenting a group of young British punks from Southwest London he first came in contact with while making a vox pop documentary called Superheroes. The book is produced in a limited edition by hand in Brooklyn, NY; it features a signed colophon insert, painted purple spine and custom white staples." 


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Català Roca en Zaragoza, ¿Os animáis?

La Lonja de Zaragoza presenta la exposición del fotógrafo catalán hasta el 24 de abril. Un documental y un catálogo publicado por La Fábrica Editorial, completan este recorrido a través de 150 fotos.
La obra de Francesc Català-Roca (Valls 1922-Barcelona 1998), constituye la piedra angular de la fotografía documental en España. Nadie como él supo intuir primero y construir después un discurso pleno de autenticidad fe y consciencia en el lenguaje de las imágenes destinadas a reconocer y reconocernos. El reportaje fotográfico logró con su trabajo una sintaxis nueva, una estructura firme y decidida, alejada sin titubeos de cualquier tentativa experimental y de cualquier ambición artística. El fotógrafo, -en el credo de Català, - actuaba como un sustractor de imágenes de la realidad cotidiana. Su misión era rescatar, inmovilizar instantes que la misma fotografía convertirá en relevantes. Sin intervenir. Sin añadir más construcción que la elección del instante y la óptica.

Sus imágenes pueblan totalmente nuestra memoria como iconos de un tiempo pasado. Al contemplarlas, nuestros propios recuerdos reviven con extrema nitidez. Es la imbatible esencia de la fotografía documental. La excelencia de reunir verdad y belleza en dos dimensiones.

Coproducida por La Fábrica y la Fundación pedro Barrié de la Maza, con la colaboración del Ayuntamiento de Zaragoza y comisariada por Chema Conesa, la exposición recorre la trayectoria del autor a través de 150 imágenes."""

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Libritos Wais [Part I]


76 pages
200 x 290mm
Type of printing: B&W Copy (Laser print paper)

"Regarding photography as visual expression, I attempt to capture impression of experiences, a result of my visual influence on it, by realizing elements as it can be interruption of sight. "


Aristotle was wrong is an exploration of a sensitive way underconstruction through places, bodies, feelings.

Publication date: July 2011
Place of publication: Paris, France
Number of pictures: 24


Natasha Caruana posed as a bride-to-be and contacted women selling their wedding dresses online. She asked for high-res copies of their photographs: images made to validate a ceremony and recycled as small ads. The antithesis of the trophy wedding album, ONO focuses on the discarded props of the fairytale production and finds unintended meaning in carefully staged images. With their faces obscured for privacy, bride, groom and entourage become masked performers acting out emblematic scenes. Their personal stories and reasons for sale are left to the imagination.

A5, Digital indigo print on uncoated recycled paper. Three hole hand stitched binding. Wrapped in white archival tissue paper
Edition size: 150 Signed
Price: £10.00

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